Really good to see Chel. What a lovely memory Bless her xx

updated site

Hi Si
I like the new layout. The variation is brilliant, very professional
M x

Fabulous Images!

Hi Simon,
Always love your photographs, beautiful clarity and attention to detail! Interesting, thought provoking and produced with an obvious love of your subjects and photography!
Janie B :) x
Janie B

nice work

Nice work feller, Impressed.


Hi Simon, was that a picture of Chelsea on the roof, its a great picture, as are all the rest of them x

Excellent Photography

Hi Simon
Im loving your pictures, the site is amazing, I can see you have put a lot of effort into this project and I wish you all the best
Jodie x
Jodie Bushe


fantastic pictures from such diverse topics, you have an eye for detail that shows in your work. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more of your photos.


could i have print of 3 autumn pic have to do a watercolour of autumn scene in a few weeks time..they will be a good exercise. ta you are getting a good feedback...

Love the pictures

Hi Simon your pictures are brilliant. I especially like the
picture of the badger and of course all the cats domestic and wild.
Look forward to seeing more of your pictures in the future.



Hi Simon,
Your coming on in leaps & bounds.
The big cat ones are my favourite.
Also like the war ones, like the feel the de-sat has made.
Keep up the good work

Sheila Foster-Hancock

kentwell aug 2009

hi simon,
trust you had a good day at kentwell.
you have some good images on your website.
if you have any from kentwell i'd like to see them
all the best
Gwyn (nurse)


Your gallery is really filling up now! My favourite section is 'Animals' and love that Badger pic!!
Red Leeson

swan picture

I am really pleased with the quality and promt delivery of the swan picture that i ordered from you.
Thank you for such a beautiful picture.
M Welch
M Welch

i have viewed

Shots are excellent Site building up well Very professional I love the carnation and the kitten boys

Your website.

Hi Simon,
Just thought I'd say that I'm looking forward to our meet on 21st June 2009. Your website is coming along and looking good so hopefully after our meet you'll have some landscapes to add to it.
Take care mate and keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Gerry Weatherhead
(Creative Eye)
Gerry Weatherhead


Great website! Really clear good quality photos. You have made me want to take up photography myself!
Red Leeson

web site review

the site is very easy to use. I like the thumbnail view.
wide variety of subject matter, i would like to see more trains
Rob Wright


amazing picture......... my favourite...... what colour!!!!
Rob Wright


New pics look very impressive.
I mentioned consider the crocus but looking at it again its good. Just the heads, colour impressive.
Swan on lake, colours excellent
mum, your critic

your photos

well done, they are excellent. liked the lakes because they look familiar.
marg the cat lady


Mate! What a great site.Really love the landscape pics,especially the sunlight through the trees one.Very professional.You've got a real talent there.Once you've built up your collection i reckon you'll do very well indeed.